How do I register?

  • It is easy to register!

  • You will be required to complete a GMS1 Form and a medical questionnaire (or this questionnaire for children under the age of 12).

  • Forms can be picked up from surgery reception, or downloaded from the above links. You can also ring us on 01733 240478 with your details and we can post them to you.

  • You will also be required to provide a proof of address and identity.
  • All our new patients are offered either a New Patient Medical or an NHS Healh Check, depending on eligibility.
  • If you require any other information regarding registering with us then please call us on 01733 240478 and we will be very happy to help.

    Our catchment area include the following villages:
  • Alwalton
  • Caldecote
  • Chesterton
  • Connington
  • Denton
  • Farcet
  • Farcet Fen
  • Folksworth
  • Glatton
  • Haddon
  • Hampton Centre
  • Hampton Garden
  • Hampton Hargate
  • Hampton Leys
  • Hampton Vale
  • Holme
  • Holme Fen
  • Lutton
  • Morborne
  • Norman Cross
  • Stilton
  • Yaxley
  • Yaxley Fen


Named GP for our Patients

All patients registered at this Practice have a named GP.

Initially your registered GP will be your named GP, but you can request for this to be changed if you wish.

All of our patients are still able to consult with any GP of their choice in the usual way. If your usual doctor is not your named GP you can still continue to see them just as you do now.

Temporary Residents

Can I be seen as a temporary resident at this Practice?

Yes…If you are living in the Lakeside Healthcare at Yaxley
 catchment area for greater than 24 hours but less than 3 months e.g. staying with family, you are eligible to be registered and seen as a temporary resident. You will need to provide us with the temporary address that you are staying at. While we will endeavour to provide the same services that your own GP would, in reality this may not be possible (e.g. minor operations and referrals).

If you need to be seen for a non-urgent problem and are not resident in the area for longer than a 24 hour period – please contact your own GP surgery for an appointment.

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